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"I love the romance of magic that weaves throughout Justin's expression. It is authentic, a way of life. With the combined talents of visionary poet Justin Hart, muse and designer Maya Angel Hart, and artist Richard Gustavson, "Harmonic Hart Visions ® of Goddesses, Angels, Mermaids, & Fairy Tales" is a synergistic expression of the spiritually magical realm of enlightened Being.

The expansive aspect of this love offering weaves a multisensual experience, encouraging changes in perspective. As we embrace the flow of word, image, concept and content, worlds of imagination, insight and wisdom unfold."

— Melanie Gendron: The Gendron Tarot, "Remembering the Goddess-a Spiritual Journal," "This Fool's Journey through Tarot's 22 Major Arcana," etc...

"Let Purity illuminate and graciously guide your forged fate; leave darkness behind shadow's gait."

Harmonic Hart Book

"... if love could ride its rapids, then it would ride bareback, splashing like the waves against her chest."

"...Such symbolism is the fabric from which Justin Hart spins his mythical poetry. Elegantly expressed, rich with meaning, the writings in this book are populated by an all-star pantheon of archetypes, from Greek and Egyptian gods and goddesses to the unicorns, dragons and mermaids that we first encountered in the fantasy tales of our youth.

Children's stories these are most definitely not, however—displaying a sophistication of style and subject matter that only the mature mind can fully appreciate, these poems delve into everything from aquatic erotica to transcendental philosophy and mysticism, all the while conveying a mood of enchantment reflected perfectly in Richard Gustavson's thoughtful illustrations."

— Damon Orion, respected journalist, editor, visual artist,musician, and teacher

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